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The mission at Insignia Senior Living is simply to “provide a safe and joyful environment where our residents feel valued and loved.” The way that we try every day to achieve that mission is summed up in what has become our short and sweet motto, which all associates know by heart, which is “a smile at every touchpoint.” This simple phrase embraces so much. It requires patience, caring, a genuine desire to serve seniors, and creates a feeling of family that embraces not just our residents, but their families and friends as well. The unique way in which we bring this to life in our programs has become our culture, and it can best be summed up in our four signature programs.

Connectivity Activities

Insignia Connectivity is our activities-focused signature program at Insignia of Towne Lake. Activities are fundamental as part of the “joyfulness” component of our Mission, and as such, we conduct activities in accordance with well-researched and effective guidelines. It starts when a new resident moves in with a Connectivity Resident Interview based on the proven resident centered approach. This interview becomes the detail needed for each resident’s Personalized Activity Program that connects their needs and interests with our activities. Further, we match these to one or more of the Program Pillars in the dimensions of Mind, Body and Spirit. Ask us about this program to see how it ensures engaging, fun and varied days for our residents.

Dining with Purpose

Dining with Purpose

At Insignia of Towne Lake, the Dining with Purpose program presents our residents with a menu and dining experience that is varied, nutritious and appealing every day of the week. We emphasize the pleasure that dining can be when it is designed as a social event where our residents experience the pleasure of tasty food and the joy of smiles from our associates and the new friends that they make during mealtimes. We welcome families to join their loved ones and share these relaxed and sociable times in our clean and beautiful surroundings.

Sample Menu

Safety First Fall Management

We all know that as seniors age, falls become more common. But we fight back with our Safety First Falls Management Program. The injuries caused by falls can reduce quality of life and prior to moving into Insignia of Towne Lake, every resident undergoes a thorough Interdisciplinary Falls Assessment to determine risk factors based on medications, Orthostatic Hypotension, vision, mobility and behaviors. Once risk is determined, a Falls Management Care Plan is developed and implemented if needed. All staff are trained to look out for safety issues that could cause a fall, as we all want our residents to be safe, life has too much to offer!

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