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Time for downsizing

Tips for seniors on downsizing and transitioning into a senior living community

For Insignia Senior Living by Brooke Moore

An excellent way to mitigate the physical and mental stress

Aging is a wonderful experience, especially when it means retirement! Finally, you’ve reached the sweet age when you can enjoy your days without having to worry about work. We can’t stress enough that retirement and old age should be enjoyable, but some things can certainly put a damper on the overall experience. Remember when you bought your home thinking of it as the perfect place to either raise your family or spend your days? That may have been true then, but now, being a bit older, living in a bigger home may not be as feasible.

Downsizing into a senior living community can be an excellent way to mitigate the physical and mental stress of having to care for both a full-sized home and yourself. Here are some tips for downsizing and transitioning into a senior living home.


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Understand the benefits of such a transition

About downsizing. Unfortunately, the thought of moving into a senior living home or community forces some people to come face to face with themselves aging, which can be challenging. However, these types of homes and communities are often constructed to enforce independence while also taking out some of the stress-causing factors, like being alone and having to take care of all of the chores that go alongside owning a home. Moving into a senior living home isn’t giving up your life and youth, but rather taking a step in a more beneficial and helpful direction.

Collect all of the necessities

Without a doubt, the hardest part of downsizing is having to give up some of your belongings. While a home with multiple bedrooms and storage spaces might have been perfect for storing everything, a smaller space may not be. We suggest collecting all of the items that hold the most importance and that truly make your home a home and carrying them over to the new spot. Gently used furniture and kitchen appliances? Sell them! Host a garage sale or look into Facebook selling groups. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to your old belongings and embrace the freeness of not having clutter!

Figure out what your needs are

The great thing about a senior living community is that these places offer multiple options based on what your needs are. Whether you’d rather be fully independent or need some assistance with day to day tasks, these kinds of spaces are idea. What’s even better is that if down the road, your needs shift, the option exists and the transition will be an easy one! Additionally, most places are very accommodating, so if you have medical needs they’ll most likely be met.

If you’re asking the question of “should I downsize my home?” make sure to consider the benefits that come alongside living in an assisted living community. We also suggest hiring a real estate agent who can help you sell your current house and can take on the leg work such as showing the home, looking into the best time to sell a house, and helping you transition.

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