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Alpharetta is located in northern Fulton County, Georgia. At Tapestry House we have over 25 years of experience providing care to the people of Alpharetta, Georgia. This senior living community has a centric location, making it an ideal place for people from around the city. We are honored that many families trust and recommend us as the perfect new home for their loved ones. We invite you to discover what makes Tapestry House Assisted Living unique. ​

Expert Caregivers for Seniors | Alpharetta, GA

We are professionals focused on quality services for the population who need assistance in different situations, from grooming to medication management. We offer medical care, personalized attention, engaging activities adjusted to the resident’s possibilities, tailored dining, and facilities designed with seniors in mind.  

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Alpharetta GA is perfectly located between the charming and adventurous mountains of North Georgia and the vibrant world-class city of Atlanta.  Alpharetta has it all! From 750 acres of green spaces and parks to hundreds of restaurants. You can find activities to share with your loved ones in Alpharetta Adult Activity Center at North Park. The park provides recreation programs to the senior community of Alpharetta.

Downtown Alpharetta shops

Find exclusive stores within Alpharetta. Studies indicate that involvement in occupations of daily living can have far-reaching benefits. Shopping, for example, is an activity of daily living that can stimulate cognitive processes, provide physical benefits, and function as a rest-activity that promotes social engagement. Older individuals who shop regularly continue to stimulate brain areas involved in the choice process. The experience of shopping in a space as amazing as Downtown Alpharetta can contribute to social engagement by allowing seniors to meet and interact with new people throughout the outlet and using the outlet as a social experience with friends and family. Perhaps the most striking appearance of shopping as an enriching activity is how likely it is to be enjoyed by most older adults, even those with potential health problems. With a bit of help from relatives, friends, or even our caregivers, seniors with mobility or transportation difficulties have the potential to experience health, social and cognitive advantages.

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I came to understand that for my father in law a more intimate environment would create less anxiety and enable him to interact more with others. Cozier surroundings would allow him to have more one-on-one interaction with staff and that would help give him a sense of security. I could see that this would be the right fit for his needs and that it would be a family home for him. While all the basic’s checked off, I was interested in the approach for care and the willingness of the staff to embrace and adjust the environment in an effort to enrich the day to day routine for the residents. Alzheimer’s/Dementia is heartbreaking and everyone’s emotions are quickly drained. Choosing Tapestry has allowed us to finally be able to sit back, breathe, and not feel alone as we navigate through this journey.
Family member
We loved this community. Had a great activities program. I really liked that the care staff was engaged. The building smelled nice and seemed very clean. Their addition is very impressive!
Family member
When I chose Tapestry, I was looking for somewhere that would not only take care of my husband's daily needs (i.e. hygiene, nutrition, etc.), but also somewhere that he would feel cared for. I had learned the hard lesson that the most important thing to look for when you place a loved one in someone else's care, is that they are being loved. I could not be happier with the care or the love that my husband is receiving here. Within just a few weeks of being here, my husband was gaining weight and regaining some function and abilities that he had lost previously. The staff are all trained, work hard to interact with the residents, and treat them with respect and dignity. I am confident that my husband is being well cared for, being treated with respect, and being loved.
Family member

Assisted Living Alpharetta, Ga

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Our Signature Programs Offer a Unique Experience
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At Insignia we aim to not let falls become a limiting factor for our residents. Every resident has a personalized Fall Management Care Plan.

Seasons Memory Care

The memory care program goes above and beyond Georgia state training requirements.

Dining with a Purpose

Every meal is a special event for our residents. This program emphasizes the importance of combining meals with a human connection.

Connectivity Activities

Our activities program is a fundamental part of our mission to promote joyfulness in the lives of residents. They enjoy a personally tailored activities program.

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Alpharetta Weather

In Alpharetta, summers are hot and muggy; winters are short, cold, and wet; and it is a partly cloudy all year round. The temperature mainly changes from 35°F to 88°F and rarely goes below 22°F or above 94°F. According to the tourism score, the best times of year to go to Alpharetta for Warm weather are from early May to mid-June and mid-August to early October.