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What is the cost of assisted living in Alpharetta? Explore the limited-time special rates of an unparalleled level of care for seniors. All while promoting their independence and encouraging their happiness. 

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ApartmentBathsSQ. feetMonthly Price
The Magnolia1375Starting at: $3,460
The Dogwood1490Starting at: $4,515
The Hickory 2 Bedroom1700Starting at: $5,145

Alpharetta, Ga

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Our Signature Programs Offer a Unique Experience
for Every Resident


At Insignia we aim to not let falls become a limiting factor for our residents. Every resident has a personalized Fall Management Care Plan.

Seasons Memory Care

The memory care program goes above and beyond Georgia state training requirements.

Dining with a Purpose

Every meal is a special event for our residents. This program emphasizes the importance of combining meals with a human connection.

Connectivity Activities

Our activities program is a fundamental part of our mission to promote joyfulness in the lives of residents. They enjoy a personally tailored activities program.

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