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 Blogs for Seniors

Our moments of Joy

Blogs for seniors? Well here we are! Welcome to our blog for seniors. As our mission is to provide safe and joyful environments for seniors, we are constantly looking for ways to not only care for our seniors, but to bring delight to their daily lives. Our caregivers and associates constantly look for ways to share a Smile at Every Touchpoint™. Through our blog, we hope to share some of the many happy moments experienced in our communities.

How We Engage Our Residents To Participate In Activities

By Cathy Robinson, Life Enrichment Director at Insignia of Newnan. As Life Enrichment Directors, one of our biggest challenges is getting residents to participate in activities. No matter how much you plan and create an event, if no one shows up for it, it’s unsuccessful. A few years ago, I came up with our Participation Bucks program. Every time [...]

How Our Company Values Came into Play During Hurricane María

At Insignia Senior Living, our mission is to provide safe and joyful environments where seniors feel loved and valued. We pride ourselves on our culture, and work hard every day to ensure that our team is reflecting our company’s values in everything they do. On September 20th, Puerto Rico was hit with one of the most catastrophic natural disasters [...]

Senior Residents Gift Blankets To Those In Need

Sometimes, when we are going through tough times, the warm embrace of a blanket can make a big difference in how we feel. That rings especially true when those blankets have been handmade with care. That’s why our residents at Insignia of Sandy Springs create and gift handmade blankets to those in need in their communities. Robert Howell, Executive [...]

Making Your Own Decisions For Life

By Milton L. Cruz (Insignia Senior Living CEO) How to Decide The Right Time to Execute a Living Will About 5 years ago, my parents moved into one of our Insignia Senior Living communities. At the time, they were both of sound minds and had no memory issues or impairments, so it was fitting to prepare living wills looking [...]

Not Your Average Origin Story

Centering a Senior Living Business on Our Family’s Values By Milton L. Cruz, Founder and CEO of Insignia Senior Living You’ve probably heard countless stories of family owned senior living companies that say the catalyst for opening their first community was the need for quality care for a family member. Many share that they were looking for a great [...]

Who Said Therapy Was Boring?

Types of Recreational Therapy & What They’re For A year ago, a video from one of our communities went viral. Seniors at our San Juan community, Residence, were seen by over 24 million viewers around the world dancing Silento’s ‘Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae’). Comments on the video expressed viewers’ desires to live somewhere as fun as our community when [...]

Why We Serve Dessert First

How to Stimulate Appetites for Seniors Suffering from Dementia Seniors suffering from any of various forms of Dementia often have trouble eating. Keeping them at healthy weights is a difficult task for caregivers, as the progression of these illnesses makes it increasingly harder for patients’ senses to kick in when it comes to ingestion. They may not fully taste [...]

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