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Senior Residents Gift Blankets To Those In Need

Sometimes, when we are going through tough times, the warm embrace of a blanket can make a big difference in how we feel. That rings especially true when those blankets have been handmade with care. That’s why our residents at Insignia of Sandy Springs create and gift handmade blankets to those in need in their communities.

Robert Howell, Executive Director at the community, started the “Knot Blanket Club” when he joined the Insignia team. “These blankets are made out of fleece, usually something of design that the individual that receives the blanket has a kindness for.  The edges are then cut about 1” apart and 3” long then tied to each other throughout the piece of fleece as an activity for the residents.” says Robert. According to him, residents creating these blankets feel great satisfaction and joy in making these, as they know that they will be given to those who are in need.

Blankets created in the community are given to residents that have been hospitalized or temporarily moved to rehabilitation facilities, and often the same residents who created the blankets take them personally to whomever will be receiving them. Through this gesture, those receiving the blankets know that they are loved and missed by the residents at Insignia of Sandy Springs. These blankets have also been gifted by the residents to associates who have gone through difficult situations in their lives.

Robert, who is proud of the work his residents do to bring joy and comfort to others, shares: “My sister-in-law was dying of cancer; my residents found out and made her a blanket.  I gave her the blanket and when she passed she had it across on her lap. It’s the little things that one does for another that mean the most, and this lets people know that they are loved and thought about.”

As we face harsh weather in the Southeast, let’s consider adopting this practice in our lives and cover those who are in need with a blanket made with care.


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