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Sometimes a Short-Term Stay is All You Need!

At Insignia of Newnan, you may take advantage of a short-term stay to regain strength and recuperate. We all require some short-term assistance from time to time, whether it’s for a few days or a month. Assisted Living Communities are known for their personalized attention and hotel-like facilities for seniors who may need some short-term assistance. 

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When to Choose Respite Care at Insignia of Newnan

Know if respite care is the right choice or contemplate a more long-term solution.


Assisted living is the ideal long-term solution for seniors who value their independence, yet require some help with daily tasks.


While recovering from an illness, injury, or medical treatment, consider Insignia’s short-term care as an alternative to staying at home. We provide a hassle-free transition that allows you to reclaim your peace of mind and health. Families and caregivers also can go on trips that may not be easily accessible to seniors. They may also use this time to prepare their homes for the return of their loved one. 

Respite Care Experiences

I came in for respite care and decided to stay. They really offer a great service. The staff is so welcoming and helpful that I decided it was time to enter assisted living.
My mom had invasive surgery, we didn't know how her recovery would be, so we opted for Respite Care at Tapestry House. The best decision that we made! No complications whatsoever!
Family Member
So impressed with the care. We had a family trip planned that would simply be too much for my mom. We decided to treat her to a stay at Tapestry House. She enjoyed those two weeks and had a blast with the daily activities. She is now living there, a year after her initial stay.
Aimee R.
Family Member

The care you need Insignia of Newnan Respite Care

What to look for in Respite Care?


Personalized Care

Older adults often need assistance, especially when they suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Our team of professionals is trained to provide them with the best care. 


A Fun Activities Program

Companionship and entertainment are fundamental in the lives of seniors. At Insignia, they enjoy activities, events, and meals in the company of other seniors organized by professionals in senior wellbeing.


Dining with a Purpose

Nutrition becomes more important in the golden stage of life. At Insignia seniors can enjoy exquisite meals with a nutritional approach.

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Jodi Falany

Executive Director

Insignia of Newnan is a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to keep your loved ones who need assistance living an active life with high-quality services that will make them feel at ease. Please contact us right away for more information or assistance in finding the right respite care alternative!

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