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A Modern – Urban Senior Community

Conveniently located at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and De Diego Avenue, Residence is a modern and warm community for seniors, located in the San Juan area, where the safety and happiness of our residents are sought. With panoramic city views from the top floors, cozy living areas, and sunny outdoor spaces, this 4-story community is an excellent place for seniors to call home. Recognized as one of our liveliest communities, our seniors spend their days engaging in exciting and creative activities, events and outings, proving that in this community, there is never a dull moment.

Maritza Lamoso Navarro

Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

Residence Senior Living is a special community, small and owned by its owners. Serving the elderly of Puerto Rico since 2011. We receive older adults with different care or assistance needs. We were the first to establish the Seasons program, dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. We are pioneers in the care of this population in Puerto Rico. Feel free to call us to set up an appointment and show them around our community. A fraternal hug, Maritza Lamoso Navarro


  • Candy Delgado
  • Allen Achim
  • I hope that soon my mother will be part of this beautiful place. My wife works here and it is a unique place. Wow excellent!
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1310 Calle Dalmacia, San Juan, PR 00920
Pricing and Availability

(787) 244-6551

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(787) 782-6474


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