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How to Prevent Senior Falls

Paying attention to senior falls

Senior falls are one of the reasons that makes relatives look for our services. The family’s patient approach us to look for senior living solutions for their loved one is because they have had a fall, or several.

Many times, the reason for these falls is unclear, but more often than not, they have to do with incorrect usage of medications, taking several different kinds of medication at once, chronic illnesses, hearing problems, imbalance, depression, pneumonia, heart failure, visual problems and/or of course, age.

10 measures to take in order to prevent senior falls

1. Always use your glasses, hearing aids, and walkers, if your doctor has prescribed them to you
2. Do some exercises to improve your agility
3. Use closed toed shoes with anti-slip soles
4. Keep a balanced diet and hydrate well
5. Avoid walking and talking simultaneously. Focus on one task at a time
6. Use railings to keep your balance, when available
7. Be aware of wet floors and do not walk over them
8. Avoid walking over carpets
9. Let your loved ones or caregivers know when you aren’t feeling well
10. If a daily task is proving difficult, set it aside and ask for help


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