Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy at Insignia

Insignia Senior Living partners with a nationally recognized pharmacy with extensive experience in serving older adults. Residents may use our pharmacy or obtain medication through their favorite providers.

Our pharmacy provides specialized packaging to enhance safety and our state-of-the-art electronic medical record system ensures accuracy in our medication administration.

Our residents or family members may choose the pharmacy of their liking for the provision of their medications. However, we do maintain a preferred provider relationship with a vendor that enables the communities and nursing care staff to establish prompt communication, intervention, and consistency in the supplying of pharmaceutical care.

We have taken the initiative to convert to a completely electronic healthcare record, which will facilitate seamless care services both internally and with the providers related to our residents. The pharmacy provider we use is integral to that process and enables the Medication Administration Record to be part of that electronic process.

Additionally, with its experience in the senior living field, our pharmacy provider acts as an advisor to both the families and communities, suggesting how the process of medication servicing may be improved and streamlined.

We will gladly provide you with the name and contact information of our pharmacy provider. It would be pleased to be of assistance!

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