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“Insignia Senior Living provides safe and joyful environments where our residents feel loved and valued”… The Cruz family

All 6 Insignia Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in Georgia are owned and operated by the Cruz family, which means we put “people above profits”. Both Milton Cruz and his wife, Aileen Rosso, personally oversee the care and culture with an expert team of dedicated professionals. At Insignia we invite you or your loved one to be part of the family.

Step inside any Insignia senior living community and you will feel the difference of our unique culture. Staff, called “Associates”, are smiling and happily assisting our residents and we are proud of how long most have been with us. Residents are smiling, well groomed, and typically engaged in an interesting activity or socializing with friends over a specially prepared, delicious meal.  Alternatives and special diets are also available. The Insignia motto is “A Smile at Every Touchpoint” and that is how our Associates are trained.

Our programs are person-centered and tailored to the needs of the individual whether in assisted living or our specialized Memory Care building.  Our Memory Care Program, known as Seasons, provides loving care for individuals with all stages or ‘seasons’ of Alzheimer’s’ or other types of dementia such as Lewy-Body and Frontal Temporal Lobe. Other health issues that impair cognitive abilities such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease may also benefit from the Season’s specialized program.

At Insignia we promote our residents in maintaining their independence.  We also provide needed assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, continence care, meals, and ambulation. Our certified medication technicians oversee our medication management program under the supervision of our regional RN. We also have a physician and nurse practitioner who regularly visit our residents in our buildings if desired. Rehabilitation including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are also available on-site.  Make Insignia your new home, or enjoy a short-stay while recuperating or waiting for loved ones to return from a business trip.

Loneliness and social isolation have been shown to decrease both longevity and quality of life. At an Insignia community, residents may choose a private time or choose to be as busy with friends as they like. Our van provides regularly scheduled shopping trips and outings to keep our residents engaged in the local community, as well as providing transportation to important medical appointments. At Insignia there is always an opportunity for fun and friendship.

Insignia owns and operates six senior communities in Georgia. 

  • Insignia of Newnan
  • Tapestry House in Alpharetta
  • Tapestry House Memory Care in Alpharetta
  • Insignia of Towne Lake in Woodstock

Communities in Puerto Rico

  • Miramar Living
  • Residence
  • Villa Serena

Our services include senior living, assisted living, memory care, and temporary care.


Our Family

Each Insignia Senior Living community is part of a family owned and operated company with deep roots in the hospital and healthcare industry. Founded by Milton Cruz and Aileen Rosso in 2003 in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico, the company remains true to its belief that true care means treating residents like family. Each individual involved with Insignia—whether staff, family members, or residents—deserves respect.

As owners and operators, the Cruz family takes a strong hands-on approach in shaping this positive culture, empowering the caregivers and staff of each Insignia community to create safe and joyful environments for residents every day. Through heartfelt words, loving gestures and exceptional attention to care, residents feel a true sense of home and belonging.


Our Values

  • Integrity

    All of our values are built on a foundation of integrity. We operate our communities ethically, holding all of our staff to a high level of professionalism.

  • Efficiency

    Because of our deep experience in many locations, our methods have become precise, so we can focus our attention on serving and spending time with our residents.

  • Confidentiality

    Our residents’ personal and medical information remains confidential at all times. We believe autonomy is important in all stages of life, which is why we never waiver from our promise to maintain our seniors’ privacy.

  • Action Oriented / Sense of Urgency

    We encourage our residents to exercise their bodies and minds every day, to be active, each according to his or her ability. On the management we dont waste no time to make and execute the right decisions.

  • Participative Communication

    Our caregivers are more than employees – they are family. Our residents and caregivers enjoy dynamic relationships rooted in security and a penchant for fun. We encourage our residents to freely express their questions, concerns and feelings.

  • Production of Happiness

    A senior living community should be much more than a living facility – it should be a community of learners, dancers, musicians and storytellers. We have a robust offering of activities to promote joy.

  • Show Passion

    Our caregivers communicate a strong passion for serving seniors and their families. Of course, passion isn’t a one-way street. We encourage our residents to get involved and continue to develop their interests.

  • Responsiveness / Results Oriented

    Keeping seniors safe means being able to meet their needs quickly, while still making the right decisions using good judgement. Our associates’ high level of engagement with our residents provides an environment that allows them to respond swiftly to situations. We not only have goals, we achieve them!


Our Culture

Insignia communities cultivate a caring, family-like atmosphere. We champion the quality of life, not only for seniors, but also for the Insignia staff who care for them. People who choose to pursue a career at Insignia believe in our vision of sharing A Smile at Every Touch Point™ and delivering the personal touch while providing professional, daily care. We offer residents a variety of living arrangements, amenities, services, dining options, social activities and personalized care so they can select the menu that best fits their lifestyle choice.

While each community has its own unique look, feel and personality, the company’s decidedly non-corporate culture allows each team member to center on enriching lives through creative, innovative and customized solutions. It is truly more about what residents and their families want, rather than what the company wants.


Our Certifications

Insignia Senior Living is proud to be a member of Argentum, the leading national trade association serving companies that own, operate, and support professionally managed senior living communities in the United States.

Puerto Rico Medical Tourism

Our three Puerto Rico communities, Miramar Living, Residence, and Villa Serena are prepared to care for medical tourism guests. As part of our temporary care services, visitors to the Island can stay at our communities while recuperating from medical procedures, and receive all the help they need to properly recover. Whether that includes aid in dressing, bathing, or even physical therapy, we are here to help and find the best solution for our guests.


Our Academic Affiliations

In our ongoing effort to provide safe and joyful environments for seniors, we have partnered with prominent academic organizations in order to continue moving to the cutting edge in the care of seniors.

The Mercer University Clinical Affiliation is a joint venture between Insignia Senior Living and the clinical specialties of Mercer University. The students of Mercer, whether they are in the pre-medicine, nursing , rehabilitation or other specialized fields, enjoy the benefit of working with a family owned and operated company whose values and culture are in agreeance with their own. Further, our Residents, Families and Communities enjoy the prosperous relationship of being part of a teaching environment.

One of our Alpharetta, GA communities, Tapestry House, has joined forces with Georgia State University’s Gerontology Institute to conduct a research project that will find ways to improve quality of life of caregivers and residents through collaborative care partnerships.

By learning about resident self-care and about the care given by family and friends, assisted living staff and other care workers, GSU’s Gerontology Institute will study how to support caregivers in ways that build collaborative care partnerships and improve resident and caregiver quality of life and also facilitate residents’ ability to age in place.

This project is under the direction of Dr. Candace L. Kemp and is funded by the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health.


Our Services

Physician Program

At Insignia Senior Living you may choose to continue with your current physicians or we can provide a list of medical experts. We work closely with all medical specialists and hospitals to ensure excellent communication and seamless transitions.

Insignia Senior Living maintains active and dynamic relationships with all medical specialties to enable a comprehensive provision of seamless medical care. We will readily provide you with the names of various physicians with whom we have worked, as well as any others. With each of our communities surrounded by the finest hospitals and medical staff, we will certainly be able to assist you in finding the proper provider.

We have the benefit of a number of physicians with specialties such as primary care, geriatrics, cardiology, podiatry audiology and dentistry who come directly to our communities to see our residents. Many tests can be done in the communities such as laboratory services and x-rays, a feature that provides further convenience to our residents and families. In addition, we can transport our residents to various physician appointments on a scheduled basis.

Pharmacy Services

Insignia Senior Living partners with a nationally recognized pharmacy with extensive experience in serving older adults. Residents may use our pharmacy or obtain medication through their favorite provider.

Our pharmacy provides specialized packaging to enhance safety and our state-of-the-art electronic medical record system ensures accuracy in our medication administration.

Our residents or family members may choose the pharmacy of their liking for the provision of their medications. However, we do maintain a preferred provider relationship with a vendor that enables the communities and nursing care staff to establish prompt communication, intervention and consistency in the supplying of pharmaceutical care.

We have taken the initiative to convert to a completely electronic healthcare record, which will facilitate seamless care services both internally and with the providers related to our residents. The pharmacy provider we use is integral to that process and enables the Medication Administration Record to be part of that electronic process.

Additionally, with its experience in the senior living field, our pharmacy provider acts as an advisor to both the families and communities, suggesting how the process of medication servicing may be improved and streamlined.

We will gladly provide you with the name and contact information of our pharmacy provider. It would be pleased to be of assistance!

Fall Prevention

Insignia Senior Living promotes a comprehensive fall reduction program. This includes strengthening, balance improvement, hydration, prompt identification of medication interactions that can cause dizziness, and medical conditions such as urinary tract infections. We also inspect resident rooms for potential tripping hazards and watch for untied shoelaces, slippery socks, and other risk factors. Our caring team does its very best to react to calls for assistance and we monitor when falls occur to identify potential patterns that can be rectified.

Our Resident Strengthening Program focuses on fall reduction and prevention with an emphasis on strengthening and developing existing abilities and a forward thinking approach to “preventing the preventable.”

In close partnership with our rehabilitation partner, who has extensive experience in the rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled care and home care fields, we have assembled a professional team approach to looking at the whole person to help him/her utilize their capabilities while recognizing needs and addressing them.

With falls being a significant contributor to partial and complete losses of independence and function, the Resident Strengthening Program holistically helps each resident maintain their highest level of functioning.

Home Health

We recognize that at times, additional clinical or companion needs may be required for you or your loved ones. To support and supplement our efforts to care for our seniors, we partner with reputable agencies that provide nursing and caregiver services.

Home health agencies are state and federally licensed to provide services under Medicare in the home, which, in our case, is the senior living or assisted living facility. Those services might include a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist, or other allied health professional.

The Insignia Caregiving Team, including our Nurse or Resident Services Director, will work closely with the home health agency to assure that the proper care plan is developed and implemented. While we have many home health agencies with whom we work, choosing the right company for your family member is ultimately your choice. Simply let us know how we can help!

Home Care

On occasion, either upon move in or following a significant health event, a resident may simply need more one-on-one companionship and assistance. We partner with a number of home care agencies that provide nursing assistants who have satisfied rigorous hiring standards to care for your loved one. That service may be sporadic, or you may choose to have it remain in place for an extended period of time.

We would be happy to provide you with the names of services for the many partners with whom we work.

Rehabilitation Services

Our partnership with rehabilitation professionals enables our communities to offer physical, speech and occupational therapists. These professionals work closely with our associates to maximize independence and the highest level of functioning for our seniors.

Therapists work with our residents in an open environment, which allows others to see their progress and feel motivated to do the same. This focus on wellness, long overlooked in the healthcare fields and particularly with seniors, leads to happier, more satisfying lives and an optimistic mindset for our residents, families and associates.


Our Daily Life


It’s never too late to find a new hobby! Meaningful activities are at the heart of our communities. Before our residents move in, we encourage them to fill out a form detailing their personal interests and pastimes.

We know that activities are at the heart of a community. Whether it’s a ladies’ pampering session, a bus outing or a movie night, we make sure every resident can participate in something they like. Our activities strengthen the body, stretch the mind and help foster new relationships. Some of these activities to be mentioned are:

  • Monthly theme dinners to celebrate different cultures
  • Regular shopping Trips
  • Daily exercise classes
  • Worship services
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cards, puzzles and other games
  • Musical entertainment
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Movies
  • Holiday celebrations


Dining is always a relaxing event in our beautiful dining areas, where we provide full table service at all our communities. Meals are delicious and nutritious and tailored to meet the needs of each individual resident. Upon move in, each resident will complete a questionnaire regarding their likes and dislikes of different foods.

Friends and families are always welcome and encouraged to visit and join us for meals.


Though each of our communities has it’s own look and personality, we offer top of the line amenities at all of them. Residents at any of our facilities enjoy and benefit from:

  • Warm and Inviting common areas
  • Experienced care associates
  • Life enrichment programs
  • Social, emotional and spiritual programs
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Community Events
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Emergency call system
  • Pre-wired phone and cable TV
  • Secure facility
  • Fire Safety and Emergency
  • Response Systems
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • 24/7 Managed Care


Moments of Joy

As our mission is to provide safe and joyful environments for seniors, we are constantly looking for ways to not only care for our seniors, but to bring delight to their daily lives. Our caregivers and associates constantly look for ways to share a Smile at Every Touchpoint™. Through our blog, we hope to share some of the many happy moments experienced in our communities.

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