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Homey and organized bedrooms for seniors

6 Ways to Make Your Space or Bedroom More Homey and Organized

We all want to be comfortable and happy in our own space! Adding a few simple elements to your bedroom, for example, can completely change how it looks, but more importantly, how you feel in that room. Here are some tips for transforming your space into one that is more homey and organized!

1. Hang up pictures


Special moments are frozen in time forever. To look at pictures that make us smile is such a beautiful thing! Hang up a group of framed pictures, instantly adding personality and ambiance, while also sparing tabletop space consumption!

2. Baskets!


For those objects that aren’t used on a day-to-day basis, but you want to store in a stylish way. Also, baskets are used commonly to store decorative pillows and/or blankets!

3. Add shelves

When floor space is scarce, use the walls! We suggest using floating shelves as a place to store books, plants, or anything that you think will look good!

4. Humidifiers


Humidifiers are used for Aromatherapy, using essential oils. Essential oils are known to be helpful for various reasons (plus they smell so good!), and with a humidifier handy we can get the most from the oils and their benefits. Also, some humidifiers look quite stylish! They are sold in places like Marshalls, Walmart, among other places, with a great price range varying from around $15 to $40.

5. Incorporating plants (even fake ones!)


Adding plants makes the space much more welcoming, while also adding a pop of color. Even if it’s just one fake plant in a corner, it definitely makes a difference!

6. Layered table


A small layered table adds a lot of storage space for practical things like medicine, books, creams, and more, all while taking up so little space itself!

We hope you found these tips helpful. And remember, making a place cozier isn’t as hard as it seems! Just adding a few elements can make you feel much more at home and comfortable.


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