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On occasion, either upon move-in or following a significant health event, a resident may simply need more one-on-one companionship and assistance. We partner with a number of home care agencies that provide nursing assistants who have satisfied rigorous hiring standards to care for your loved one. If you’re considering home care services, ask all kinds of questions to choose together the best provider for your needs. That service may be sporadic, or you may choose to have it remain in place for an extended period of time.

We would be happy to provide you with the names of services for the many partners with whom we work.

Understanding services by Mayo Clinic

Whether you’re considering a home care services agency or a home health aide, you might ask these questions about services:

  • Will you receive a written care plan before service begins? The care plan should include details about medical equipment, specific care needs, and responsibilities of the aide or agency. It should also contain input from the doctor, and be updated frequently.
  • Will you receive a list of the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved? This is sometimes known as a patient’s bill of rights.
  • Will the agency work directly with you or your loved one, family members, and health care providers?
  • Do you need to identify a primary family caregiver? If so, what’s required of that person?
  • When will service be provided? Is care available round-the-clock, if necessary?
  • What procedures are in place for emergencies? Ask how the agency or home health aide will deliver services in the event of a power failure or natural disaster.
  • How are the problems addressed and resolved? Who can you or another family member contact with requests, questions or complaints?
  • When can services begin?


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