Fall Prevention

Fall reduction program

Insignia Senior Living promotes a comprehensive fall reduction program. This includes strengthening, balance improvement, hydration, prompt identification of medication interactions that can cause dizziness, and medical conditions such as urinary tract infections. We also inspect resident rooms for potential tripping hazards and watch for untied shoelaces, slippery socks, and other risk factors. Our caring team does its very best to react to calls for assistance and we monitor when falls occur to identify potential patterns that can be rectified.

Our Resident Strengthening Program focuses on fall reduction and prevention with an emphasis on strengthening and developing existing abilities and a forward thinking approach to “preventing the preventable.”



In close partnership with our rehabilitation partner, who has extensive experience in the rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled care and home care fields, we have assembled a professional team approach to looking at the whole person to help him/her utilize their capabilities while recognizing needs and addressing them.

With falls being a significant contributor to partial and complete losses of independence and function, the Resident Strengthening Program holistically helps each resident maintain their highest level of functioning.

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