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Benefits of Having In-House Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for seniors

Oftentimes, seniors are prescribed physical therapy after surgeries, illnesses, or simply as a way to keep their bodies moving and functional. Many senior care facilities bring in physical therapists to care for their residents, or have their residents visit a physical therapy facility. In other cases others facilities provide the services in-house, as is the case with 2 of our communities: Tapestry House and Insignia of Sandy Springs.

Benefit of a in-house physical therapy

What is the benefit of having this service in-house over outsourcing it? Simple! Seniors get to receive the service at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes. Residents benefit from:
• Pain Management
• Therapeutic and Strengthening programs
• Massage
• Range of Motion exercises
• Balance assessment
• Fall Prevention
• Transfer Training
• Licensed Physical Therapist, Speech and Occupational Therapist provide restorative intervention as well as educational and Quality Assurance programs
• On-site rehab once a resident returns from a hospital or rehab facility
• Daily exercise led by a Weston therapist to assess residents balance

Physical Therapist at our senior community

Our therapist at Tapestry House, Cindy, is here 4 days a week and works with our in-house physician to decide if and when a resident could benefit from PT, and OT. It’s a great program that many of our residents participate in. Families love having professional disciplines on site.


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